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hey it's me!!

...and yes my name's journey

Welcome to my little corner of the world! around here, we love life and capture all the moments, even the ones that seem insignificant at first;)

I love filmmaking and documenting, whether it be the biggest, badest wedding, or the one among nature with only the whistling of the wind and rustling of the great redwood oaks.

Wakesuring and my husband are two things I cannot live without. also my dog Duke haha 

I love to travel so if your wedding, elopement, or adventure takes you abroad, I was born with a boarding pass and I'll meet you there:)

One: I love animals except for snakes and sharks. Those two could not exist and I'd be okay.


Two: I like water. But I'm not a huge fan of drinking it for some reason. Wakesurfing, swimming, boating, the OCEAN (my favorite), but in my mouth, gross. 

Three: I'm a travel bug. Anywhere hot or beautiful is probably on my bucket list! So if you are having a destination wedding and would wanna take a really cool third wheel along... I mean like I guess I could come too haha!! KIDDING, I would be so so honored if you'd allow me to document your day!  

Four: my favorite movie is Chasing Liberty with Mandy Moore and Ben Calder. 

Five: I've watched The Wedding Planner probably a million times. So I think that should be a qualification. thank you Jennifer Lopez for the wisdom!

Six: my favorite food is watermelon.

Seven: My second language is low german. basically, it's a mixture of English and low german words. 

Eight: My favorite restaurant changes every time I visit a new restaurant. Currently, my go-to restaurant is Earls with the Tuna Poke Bowl or the Dynamite Sushi Roll :)


Nine: It took me 6 years to land a 360 of a wake surfboard. we started when there was no wake behind the boat and your best bet of getting out was a hope and a prayer haha

Ten: my savior, Jesus Christ, is my best friend! Philippians 1: 21 " For to me, to live is Christ, and to die is gain." One of my favorite Bible characters is Paul and my current favorite book of the Bible is Philippians. I love how a man, so educated and had everything going for himself in the Jewish life, " a Hebrew of Hebrews..." Philippians 3: 5, wrote the words to live is Christ and to die is GAIN. wow! 

Ten Random  Facts 

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